What's New

  • Our submission to SEKE 2011 has been accepted!
  • Our submission to Europar 2011 has been accepted!
  • After five years into the PhD, my web page is finally up!

Academic Information

My name is David Villegas. I am a PhD candidate at FIU (Florida International University), in Miami. My research interests fall in the areas of Distributed Systems, Resource Management and Networking. Particularly, I am interested in the instantiation of groups of virtual resources across clouds. I am planning to graduate in Fall of 2012.

Life Facts

I was born in the city of Terrassa, Barcelona, in the Spanish area known as Catalonia. As most Catalans, I have a high esteem for the Catalan language and culture. However, my family has its roots in the southern part of Spain, known as Andalusia. I also love Andalusian music and food, which had a great influence in my upbringing. My wife was born in the small town of Jauja in Peru, so Peruvian culture is also a big part of my life.


dvill013 [at] cs [dot] fiu [dot] edu
School of Computing and Information Sciences
Florida International University
University Park, ECS 212
11200 SW 8th St
Miami, FL 33199

About this page

I plan to use this page to store all my academic and work information. If you are interested in my research, personal projects, or the classes I teach, you probably are in the right place. I am usually reachable by email, or in my office at FIU.

Currently, my thesis has
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