COP 5621 -- Compiler Construction

Fall 2002

Geoffrey Smith

Modern Compiler Implementation in Java by Andrew Appel.

Course Syllabus

Homework Assignments

Note: Supporting files are available in /homes/smithg/javatools/tiger/.
  1. Tiger Lexical Analyzer. Due Monday, September 23.
  2. Tiger Parser. Due Monday, October 14.
  3. Abstract Syntax (p. 106). Due Wednesday, October 30.
  4. Type-Checker. Due Wednesday, November 13.
  5. Translation to Trees (p. 178). Due Wednesday, December 4.
  6. Instruction Selection (pp. 216-219). Optional; due Wednesday, December 11.

SPARC Assembly Language

I have added a subdirectory of /homes/smithg/javatools called sparc; it contains the sample Sparc assembly language programs discussed in class.

Lots of SPARC documentation is available at SPARC International, Inc., including an on-line version of the SPARC Architecture Manual, Version 8.

Here's a SPARC laboratory manual from the University of New Mexico.

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