Bogdan Carbunar

Associate Professor
Graduate Program Director
Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences
Florida International University
Office: CASE 365
Email: carbunar at cs dot fiu dot edu


I am an associate professor and the graduate program director in the Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences at FIU in Miami. I direct the CaSPR lab, where we build secure and private solutions for distributed systems. We leverage diverse tools and techniques (e.g., machine learning, applied cryptography, user studies) to investigate problems that include fraud and abuse detection in online systems, mobile authentication and censorship resistance.

Open positions: The CaSPR lab is looking for talented and motivated Ph.D. students. If you are interested and would like to apply, please read this first and follow the instructions.

Recent Publications

  • [ACM IMC] RacketStore: Measurements of ASO Deception in Google Play via Mobile and App Usage.
    Nestor Hernandez, Ruben Recabarren, Bogdan Carbunar, Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed.
    Accepted in the 21st ACM Internet Measurement Conference (IMC), November 2021. [pdf]

  • [PoPETS] Toward Uncensorable, Anonymous and Private Access Over Satoshi Blockchains.
    Ruben Recabarren and Bogdan Carbunar.
    Accepted in the Proceedings of the Privacy Enhancing Technologies, 2022. [pdf]

  • [Usenix Security] Human Distinguishable Visual Key Fingerprints.
    Mozhgan Azimpourkivi, Umut Topkara, Bogdan Carbunar.
    In Proceedings of the 29th Usenix Security Symposium, Boston, August 2020. [pdf]

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    Prospective students: The CaSPR lab has funding to support 1-2 new Ph.D. students. If you are interested and would like to apply, please read this first and follow the instructions.

    Current students:
        Yuzhou (Aaron) Feng
        Ashfaq Ali Shafin

    Former students:
        Rubén Recabarren, Ph.D., Thesis title: ``Secure Distributed Systems in Satoshi Blockchains''. Defended: March 2021. First employer: Facebook
        Nestor G. Hernandez, Ph.D., Thesis title: ``Demystifying Search Optimization Fraud in App Markets''. Defended: June 2020. First employer: MathWorks
    Mozhgan Azimpurkivi, Ph.D., Thesis title: ``Image Based Authentication''. Defended: March 2019. First employer: Bloomberg LP (AI Software Engineer)
        Sajedul Talukder, Ph.D., Thesis title: ``Detection and Prevention of Abuse in Online Social Networks''. Defended: April 2019. First employer: Edinboro University
        Md Mizanur Rahman, Ph.D. Thesis title: ``Search Rank Fraud Prevention in Online Systems''. Defended: November 2018. First employer: Amazon
        Mahmudur Rahman, Ph.D. Defended: December 2015. First employer: IBM Watson
        George Burri. M.S., First employer: Jive Software
        Madhusudan Banik. M.S. First employer: Eden Rock Communications


    List of current and past courses.


    I am or have been involved with the following venues: ACM Web Conference 2022, ACM CCSW 2021, ACM WPES 2021, ACM CCSW 2021, PoPETS 2021, ACM Web Conference 2021, ACM WiSec 2020, PoPETS 2020, ACM CCSW 2019, ACM Web Conference (former WWW) 2019, PoPETS 2019, ACM AsiaCCS 2018, IEEE ICNC 2018, CANS 2017, IEEE LCN 2017, ACM AsiaCCS 2017, IEEE ICNC 2017, IoTPTS 2017, IEEE LCN 2016, HotPOST 2016, IoTPTS 2016, WESS 2015, IEEE CloudCom 2015, NSS 2015, IEEE LCN 2015, ISC 2014, WESS 2014, ICCVE 2014, IEEE LCN 2014 (Publicity Chair), INSCRYPT 2013, CANS 2013, ICICS 2013, IEEE ICDCS 2013, IEEE CCNC 2013, WESS 2013, Inscrypt 2012, IEEE ICPADS 2012, IEEE SICK, ISOC NDSS 2012, CCSocialComp 2011, ACM STC 2011, IEEE ICME 2011, ACM CCSW 2010, ACM STC 2010, ACM SAC 2010, FC 2010, CoSec 2009, ACM STC 2009, ACM CCSW 2009, IEEE NPSec 2009, IEEE NPSec 2008, FC 2008 (Poster Chair), MODUS 2008, IEEE NPSec 2007, Inscrypt 2007