Previous Assignments

Assignment 1

Due May 6

Get a school account

As long as you are a registered student, you can have an account to use the school's computers. This account is not needed to use the PCs in the computer labs, but it is needed to long onto solix.

To get the account, you must connect to the solix computer. When you are prompted for a login name, type the single word (no spaces) newstudent. You will then be asked some information like name and student number. Then you will be given a user name and a password. Write them down! Then you will be logged off the computer. You won't be able to access the computers for another 24 hours, while your account is being activated.

In the future, you will use your user name and password to log onto any of the named computers.

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Assignment 2

Due May 11.

You are to send me, downeyt, an e-mail message from the solix computer. Be sure to include

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Assignment 3

Due May 13

Go to and browse the web. Look for three pages on different topics that you like. Then, send me an e-mail message explaining why you like each page, and also give me the complete URL for each page. The complete URL will begin with http://

While browsing, use the history list, the forward and back buttons, add a bookmark.

You may send the message from any e-mail account that you use.

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Assignment 4

For this assignment you are to join two different electronic mailing lists: my list, and a list of your choosing.

  1. Join my mailing list cgs3559
  2. Join a mailing list of your choice.

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Assignment 5

You are to go to the People Search website at and register yourself.

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Assignment 6

Due 6/1

  1. Go to the fiu.scs.cgs3559 newsgroup. There is a message from me that describes what to do for this homework. Find the message and follow the instructions.
  2. Send me an e-mail message containing the names of two newsgroups that interest you.
  3. Reply to the message that I sent to the cgs3559 mailing list:

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Assignment 7

Due 6/8

For this assignment, you are going to find several pages on the web. To complete the assignment send me one e-mail message that contains the required information for each of the searches below.

  1. There are several pages on the web that list all the movies for the movie actress Bette Davis. What movies did she make in 1942? In what year did she make the most movies? Where did you find this information on the web?
  2. There is a book with the words bear and mountain in the title.Actually, there are several such books. I want the one that was published in the 90's and is a humorous satire. Who wrote this book? Where did you find this information on the web?
  3. Who sponsored Senate bill number 7 for the 106th congress? What is the description of this bill? Where did you find this information on the web?
  4. Give me the name of a newsgroup that was created for the actor Dustin Hoffman. I have posted a message in it.

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Assignment 8

Due 6/10

You are to create your own web page and modify it. After you have made all the modifications, send me an e-mail with the URL to your site.

Setting up your directories in solix

Follow these commands if you have not created your index.html file yet.

This has done three things

  1. created a directory called www in your solix account. The complete path to this directory would be ~jsmith01/www, replacing jsmith01 with your solix username.
  2. created a file in the www directory named index.html This file is where the HTML code for your home page is located.
  3. created a URL for you at the school. The URL would be, replacing jsmith01 with your solix username.

How to edit your index.html file and view it in Netscape simultaneously

Changes to make to your index.html file

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Assignment 9

Due 6/17

Create a new page named assign9.html.

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