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Useful sites

Pick a site, then click this link
An open source secure telnet application
A secure FTP client that includes an embedded PuTTY console.
Secure FTP
A free Secure FTP program. This is a Java Applet.
Quick Zip
A free archiving program.
Shareware listings
A comprehensive listing of available shareware titles, and links to download them.
Web Shareware
A listing of shareware titles and links for web related applications, like browsers, HTML editors, FTP, GOPHER, NEWS ...
CPAN is a site for Perl and Perl modules.
GNU Info Tree
A page that has links for information on GNU products.
GNU manuals
Read GNU manuals on-line
DJGPP home page
The home page for a 32-bit g++ compiler for MS-DOS.
GNU Pascal
Looking for a free Pascal compiler? Check out this site.
GNAT home page
The home page for the Ada 95 free compiler called GNAT.
JAVA Tutorial
The online JAVA tutorial
If you like Movie Phone, 888-FILM, then you will love this page. Just enter your zip code, and you get all the movie listings for the theaters in your area.

Amusing Sites

Here are a few sites that bring a smile to my face when I go there.

Captain Kirk Sing-A-Long
William Shatner "sings". You will need a sound card to really enjoy this page.
Looney Tunes Sounds
Hear Bugs, Sylvester, Tweetie and more. Great fun.

Interesting Sites

A page with links to many conspiracies.
On Line Catalogs
If you like to shop from catalogs, this is the site for you.