-- HTML Photo albums made easy!

Who: This weirdo.

What: This is the home page for This quick and dirty perl script that I hacked together lets you generate somewhat nice looking static HTML photo albums. It recompresses the images into thumbnails and generates the HTML pages necessary for you to browse the album and view images from a browser. It also has some other neat features, which are outlined in the documentation.

When: Sometime in 2002, with changes ever since.


Why: 'cause.

How: Here's the documentation.

Really? Yup! Here's a sample album, and here's another with different settings.

It sucks! It can't do... It's perl, so you can tweak it to do whatever you want. Have fun!

But.. this software REALLY sucks! I saw something that has many more features and... Then stop wasting your time here and go use whatever you found, nimrod!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to E-mail me at lynx at

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