All about my workstation(s)

I spend a lot of time on my computer(s), so why not talk about it on this little page. Each computer has a picture of its case. Nothing really special; I don't have time to get into case modding.

I've revamped this page, all the use of strikethrough and such was getting silly. You can find the last edition of the page before revamping here.

This page is massively out of date. The info is now here

nala - image (old nala) image (new nala)

Nala is my latest machine and absolutely blows all the others away. It is an Apple Titanium Powerbook G4 Apple Macbook Pro 2.0GHz Core Duo. Nala is named after Nala the lioness from The Lion King. Here are the specifications:

This machine consistently pegs the fps meter in Quake 3 Arena at over 100 god knows what and is one of the slickest laptops I've ever used, period. }:) Performance-wise it is vastly eclipsed by vastly trumps the new hushpad.

hushpad - No image yet

Then there's hushpad. Hushpad is my Linux box. That's all it ever runs; Linux. It stores vast amounts of data and serves as a local fileserver and general workstation.

Hushpad was named after two things, really. A cat (did you guess?) in Tad Williams' book _Tailchaser's Song_, and a friend I had on FurryMUCK, who vanished in 2001 and I haven't seen since.

When hushpad first came to be in 1996, it was named Milva, which was the online name of my significant other at the time. When that fell to pieces, though, I couldn't bear to have a machine named after her anymore, I renamed it. (Besides, I liked the book!)

Hushpad suffered a CPU failure in May 2003. The CPU and board were replaced with the ones from Duchess, a former machine of mine. The result was a memory upgrade (to 512MB) but the CPU speed stayed the same.

Whoo, upgraded in 6/2004!

So here's them stats!


Sarabi is a useful little box; it serves as the MX for, primary web for, and other miscellaneous duties. It's an older box, which used to be hushpad, but is plenty fast for the job!

"Sarabi" is the name of Simba's mother in _The Lion King_. It was also the name of my first ever linux box (see below), so I'm glad to resurrect the name!

Sarabi was recently upgraded.

Deceased Hardware

We remember people when they die, right? Why not remember deceased hardware? Here is a list of hardware I have that currently have a place in hardware heaven, and have served me well:

Computer System History

This is a history of all my systems, with a brief comment.

Difference between slowest and fastest system: (Apple II versus Macbook Pro) CPU estimated 20,000X, memory 32,000X, storage 714,285X

Archive of hardware photos

Well, when you're done drooling over my computer system (yeah, right.), you can return to my home page.