Frame Free WebSite

This is a Frame Free WebSite

I don't know about you, but I'm getting tired of frames. Even when well used, frames are just plain annoying! This is why our sites are all Frame Free(TM) WebSites. Frame Free means that absolutely no frames are used in the creation of the site, no way, no how. Here are some reasons why we hate frames so much: Feel free to display the logo below on your home page to show your support for Frame Free pages. The only requirement is that it be linked to this page, and that the page it is on is free from frames!

For those who must use frames:

By all means, use them intelligently! There is nothing more irritating than a frame that won't resize, or a page with about 50 frames, expressing content that could easily (and more neatly) be expressed on one page.

Use your back button to return to where you came from, as this page can be linked to from just about anywhere.