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DePiCt 1.0 web interface

You have reached the web interface for DePiCt 1.0.
We recommend that you use the newer release of DePiCt (Version 2.0)
available now since Oct 1, 2005.
To use the newer DePiCt 2.0 server, Click here.
Otherwise, proceed below.

Alignment format:
Sequences: Amino acids Nucleotides
Minimum primer length:
Maximum primer length:
Minimum length of PCR product:
Maximum length of PCR product:
Genetic code table:
Output: Text HTML

Here is an example of an amino acid alignment.
Here is an example of a nucleotide alignment.

DePiCt web interface created by Jordan Farrow and Chris Archer.
Original DePiCt program created by Xintao Wei and Giri Narasimhan.
Original paper at

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