Book Information for Professor Weiss' CGS Courses for Summer 2022

Although the semester does not start until Monday May 9 and you will not have course access until then, I wanted to pre-emptively make sure everyone has the correct book/course materials order. You will not be able to follow along with the course unless you have these materials.

CGS-2060 Introduction to Microcomputer Applications

CGS-2100 Computer Applications for Business Materials

CGS-2518 Computer Data Analysis Materials

All courses require software materials (the materials are different). While the opt out period is still open, everyone will have codeless access to SIMnet on the first day of class and won’t be prompted to purchase a license directly through SIMnet. Please note that after the opt out period ends and the students who have opted out have been revoked, they will be prompted for payment and able to purchase their license right through SIMnet at a cost of $63. Please factor this in when you decide whether to opt-in or opt-out of the Panther Book Pack. The publisher has arranged the $63 for my sections. It will be very difficult to find the access code for less than the $63 cost if you opt-out.