CEN 5079 Secure Application Programming

Professor: Nagarajan Prabakar (naa-ga-raa-jan pra-baa-kar)
Phone: 305-348-2033
E-mail: prabakar@cis.fiu.edu
Office: CASE-382
Office Hours: CASE-382 (Aug 26 - Dec 10)
Tue/Thu: 4:00-4:45pm,6:30-7:30pm, 9:15-10:00pm
or   by appointment

Catalog Description: Development of applications that are free from common security vulnerabilities, such as buffer overflow, SQL injection, and cross-site scripting attacks. Emphasis is on the development of distributed web applications.

Prerequisite: SCIS Graduate Standing

Textbook: Security In Computing, 5th Edition
                  Pfleeger and Pfleeger
                  Prentice Hall (ISBN: 0-13-408504-3)
and research papers assigned for reading.

Detailed Syllabus (pdf file)



10% class participation

30% assignments (Labs)

30% midterm exam (Oct 15th)

30% final exam (Dec 10th)

I will use the following relative grading scheme.

Other Issues:

I expect you to maintain a high level of academic integrity in this course.
Please read FIU's Code of Academic Integrity.
You are allowed to consult other books in solving assignment problems, or to discuss the problems with other students, but you must do the assignments on your own.

For each assignmnet, you must upload the soft copy of the assignment through Canvas before the deadline and submit a printed copy of the assignment along with the signed originality declaration, in class on the due date.

I will grant incompletes only in extreme circumstances, such as medical emergencies with proper documentation.

I expect you to attend class regularly and promptly, and to participate in discussions. Feel free to ask questions -- if something is unclear to you, it is probably unclear to others as well.

System: Graduate Lab (CASE-252)

PC workstations

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