Tentative schedule (revised regularly)





Reading List
7th Edition

Before class Watch Welcome video
Understand syllabus and grading policy, schedule format
Watch foundations of DB systems videos (Module1 concept map)
Tue 8/27

Overview of database foundations, enterprise database systems, query optimization process, sort algorithms: Wikipedia Illustration

Ch-2, 18

After class Review three layer schema, entrerprise DB structure, QOpt process sequence, external sorting
Review foundations of DB Systems lecture notes (Module1 CMap)
2 Before class    
Tue 9/3 

Implementation of select operations;  joins; Implementation of join operations


After class    
3 Before class    
Tue 9/10

Implementation of other relational algebra operations, Query optimization - examples: Illustration Quiz (Module 1)


After class    
4 Before class    
Tue 9/17

Heuristic algebraic optimization algorithm , Tuning queries - notes Quiz (Module 2)


After class    
5 Before class    
Tue 9/24

Transaction processing, ACID properties, Serializability  Isolation Level, schedules, view serializability  equivalence of schedules


After class    
6 Before class    
Tue 10/1 

Concurrency control, locks, concurrency protocols, Deadlock prevention protocols, Time stamp ordering protocols Quiz (Module 3)


After class    
7 Before class    
Tue 10/8 

Internet Databases and PHP queries; PHP Query examples; Quiz (Module 4) Review


After class    
8 Tue 10/15

Mid-term exam

9 Before class    
Tue 10/22

XML, Document Type Definition, Generating XML documents from databases, XML queries, XML schema


After class    
10 Before class    
Tue 10/29

Data mining, generating association rules, Classification, clustering, Apriori and Frequent Pattern Tree algorithms Quiz (Module 5)


After class    
11 Before class    
Tue 11/5 

Data warehouse schema: star, snow flake; OLTP and OLAP Quiz (Module 6)


After class    
12 Before class    
Tue 11/12

Information retrieval and web search; No SQL Databases Quiz (Module 7)


After class    
13 Before class    
Tue 11/19

Hadoop, DFS

Ch-24, 25

After class    
14 Before class    
Tue 11/26

Map Reduce Quiz (Module 8)


After class    
15 Before class    
Tue 12/3 



After class    
Tue 12/10

Final exam (5:00pm - 7:00pm)