Raju Rangaswami
Eminent Scholar Chaired Professor
Systems Research Laboratory (SyLab)
School of Computing and Information Sciences
College of Engineering and Computing
Florida International University

Office: ECS 386
Email:  raju[at]cs[dot]fiu[dot]edu
Tel: 305-348-6230
Fax: 305-348-3549

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Research ( Systems Research Laboratory)

My current research interests include storage systems, virtualization, databases, real-time systems, web services, cloud computing, and mobile computing. More information is available at the SyLab webpage.

Selected Recent Publications

Native OS Support for Persistent Memory with Regions., MSST 2017
Synergy: A Hypervisor Managed Holistic Caching System. , TCC 2017
ProvUSB: Block-level Provenance-Based Data Protection for USB Storage Devices., CCS 2016
StepAhead: Rethinking File System Namespace Translations, APSys 2016
A Fast and Slippery Slope for File Systems, INFLOW 2015
To ARC or not to ARC, HotStorage 2015
NVMKV: A Scalable, Lightweight, FTL-aware Key-Value Store, ATC 2015
Centaur: Host-side SSD Caching for Storage Performance Control, ICAC 2015 Best Paper Award
Revenue Driven Resource Allocation for Virtualized Data Centers, ICAC 2015
Non-blocking Writes to Files, FAST 2015
NVMKV: A Scalable and Lightweight Flash Aware Key-Value Store, HotStorage 2014
Write Policies for Host-side Flash Caches, FAST 2013
Software Persistent Memory, ATC 2012
Modeling Virtualized Applications using Machine Learning Techniques, VEE 2012
Truly Non-blocking Writes, HotStorage 2011
Cost Effective Storage using Extent Based Dynamic Tiering, FAST 2011
Generalized ERSS Tree Model: Revisiting Working Sets, Performance 2010
Anatomy of a Real-time Intrusion Prevention System, ICAC 2008

Students I work with:

Daniel Campello (Ph.D.)
Humberto Chacon (B.S.)
Daniel Costaesa (B.S.)
Muhammad Ataur Rahman Chowdhury (Ph.D.)
Hector Lopez (Ph.D.)
Leonardo Marmol (Ph.D.)
Steven Lyons (B.S.)
Ricardo Santana (Ph.D.)

Past Students

: Anurag Acharya, Himyanshu Anand, Wendy Belluomini, Gary Chan, Edward Chang, Milton Chen, Peter Clarke, Yi Deng, Zoran Dimitrijevic, Kaushik Dutta, Hector A. Duran-Limon, Jody Glider, Ajay Gulati, Vagelis Hristidis, Kyle Kakligian, Tao Li, Jason Liu, Nagarajan Prabakar, Himabindu Pucha, Masoud Sadjadi, Klaus Schauser, Shuichi Shimizu, Geoffrey Smith, Swaminathan Sundararaman, Nisha Talagala, Indranil Sengupta, Akshat Verma, Yuan-Fang Wang, David Watson, Chi Zhang, Ming Zhao.

Honors and Awards

Professional Service