COP 5621 - Homework 1 - Lexical Analyzer

Due Monday, September 23

Read the description of the Tiger lexical analyzer on pages 34-35. To find out details of Tiger's tokens, you will also need to refer to the Appendix on pages 522-531. You can view the JLex reference manual at

As mentioned in the syllabus, you need to set some UNIX environment variables to access JLex. Add the following lines to your .cshrc file:

  setenv JAVA_HOME /depot/J2SE-1.4
  setenv CLASSPATH "/homes/smithg/javatools:."

My /homes/smithg/javatools/tiger/chap2 directory contains a number of files to help you; you can copy them to your directory with the command

  cp -rp /homes/smithg/javatools/tiger/chap2 .
The only file that you need to modify is Parse/Tiger.lex, which contains the JLex specification.

Here are a few tips: