TDM 2005 Workshop Program

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General Schedule

8:20 -- 8:30:  Opening 
	-- Sheng Ma, Tao Li and Charles Perng
8:30 -- 9:30:  Invited Talk:  From Time Series to Stream Mining
	-- Christos  Faloutsos (Carnegie Mellon University)
Session I: Time Series (I)
9:40-- 10:00: CoDOTS: secure outlier detection in distributed time series 
	-- Josenildo Costa da Silva, Matthias Klusch (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence)
10:00-- 10:20: Grouping Multivariate Time Series: A Case Study
	-- Tamraparni Dasu, Deborah F. Swayne, David Poole (AT&T Labs Research)
10:00--10:40:  A Dissimilarity Measure for Comparing Subsets of Data: Application to Multivariate Time Series
	-- Matthew Otey, Srinivasan Parthasarathy  (Ohio State University)
10:40--  11:00: Break
Session II: Pattern Discovery (I)
11:00--11:20: Topographical Proximity: Exploiting Domain Knowledge for Sequential Data Mining
	-- Ann Devitt, Joseph Duffin (Ericsson, Ireland)
11:20--11:40:  Identifying Temporal Patterns and Key Players in Document Collections
	-- Benyah Shaparenko, Rich Caruana, Johannes Gehrke, Thorsten Joachims (Cornell Univeristy)
11:40--12:00:  Predicting Protein Folding Structures by Means of a New Classification Approach
	-- Huy Pham, EVANGELOS Triantaphyllou (Louisiana State University)
Session III: Data Streams (I)
12:00--12:20: Tracking the Lyapunov Exponent in data streams
	-- Raphael Ladysz, Daniel Barbara (George Mason University)
12:20--12:40: Computing Information Gain in Data Streams
	-- Alec Pawling, Nitesh Chawla, Amitabh Chaudhary (University of Notre Dame)
12:40-- 1:40:    Lunch Break
Session IV: Time Series (II)
1:40-- 2:00: An Empirical Study on Multistep-ahead Time Series Prediction
	-- Haibin Cheng, Pang-Ning Tan, Jing Gao, Scripps Jerry  (Michigan State University)
2:00-- 2:20: A PCA-based Kernel for Kernel PCA on Multivariate Time Series
	-- Kiyoung Yang, Cyrus Shahabi (University of Southern California)
2:20-- 2:40: Fast similarity search of time series data using the Nystrom method
	-- Akira Hayashi (Hiroshima City University), Katsutoshi Nishizaki (NEC Fielding, LTd.), Nobuo Suematsu (Hiroshima City University)
Session V: Data Streams (II)
2:40--3:00: Stream Mining for Network Management
	-- Kenichi Yoshida, Satoshi Katsuno, SHIGEHIRO ANO, KATSUYUKI Yamazaki, Masato Tsuru
 	(University of Tsukuba & KDDIR&D Laboratories Inc.& Kyushu Institute of Technology)

3:00--3:20: Incremental Maintenance of Wavelet Synopses for Data Streams
	-- Ken-Hao Liu, Wei-Guang Teng, Ming-Syan Chen (National Taiwan University)
3:20 --3:40:  Break 
Session VI: Pattern Discovery (II) 
3:40--4:00: Workflow Process Models: Discovering Decision Point Locations by Analyzing Data Dependencies
  -- Sharmila Subramaniam, Vana Kalogeraki, Dimitrios Gunopulos, Fabio Casati, Umeshwar Dayal, Mehmet Sayal, Malu Castellanos
 	(University of California at Riverside &  HP Labs)
4:00--4:20: Mining Spatio-Temporal Association Rules, Sources, Sinks, Stationary Regions and Thoroughfares in Object 
         Mobility Databases
        -- Florian Verhein, Sanjay Chawla (University of Sydney, Australia)
4:20--4:40: Web Usage Mining: Extracting Unexpected Periods from Web Logs
	-- Florent MASSEGLIA, Pascal PONCELET, Maguelonne TEISSEIRE, Alice MARASCU (INRIA Sophia Antipolis)
4:40--5:00: Finding Temporal Association Rules between Frequent Patterns in Multivariate Time Series
	-- Giridhar Tatavarty, Raj Bhatnagar (University of Cincinnati)
5:00--5:20: Temporal Data Mining Based on Temporal Abstractions
	-- Robert Moskovitch, Yuval Shahar (Ben Gurion University, Israel)


5:20--5:40:  Workshop  Closing



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