If you're not sure what switches the Irix 6.x compiler and linker are using, add the -v switch to the "CFLAGS =" line of your makefile. This is the verbose switch. For example:

CFLAGS = -g3 -I . -I $(DIR1) -I $(DIR2) -v

Below is a very small sample of what you will get back. Of interest to us is the arguments passed through the -D switch. -D ARG (where ARG is anything) is like including the following line in your program, #define ARG. Observing the -D arguments will tell us what is being defined by the Irix 6.x compiler and linker. The defines of possible interest are in blue. Ask a UNIX guru if you're not sure about the argument.

     CC -g3 -I . -I /afs/umbc.edu/users/a/n/anastasi/pub/CMSC341 -I /afs/umbc.edu/users/a/n/anastasi/pub/CMSC341/Proj1 -D GRAPHIC -v -c /afs/umbc.edu/users/a/n/anastasi/pub/CMSC341/Proj1/Proj1.C /usr/lib32/cmplrs/fecc -G8 -DMIPSEB -D_MIPSEB -TENV:PIC -D_PIC -D__DSO__ -Ac=cplus -D_LANGUAGE_C_PLUS_PLUS=1 -D__EXTENSIONS__ -D_MODERN_C -D_SGI_SOURCE -D_LONGLONG -D_SVR4_SOURCE -Dmips -Dunix -Dsgi -Dhost_mips -D__sgi -D__host_mips -Amachine(mips) -D_SYSTYPE_SVR4 -D__unix -Asystem(unix) -D_COMPILER_VERSION=721 -m1 -g3 -I. -I/afs/umbc.edu/users/a/n/anastasi/pub/CMSC341 -I/afs/umbc.edu/users/a/n/anastasi/pub/CMSC341/Proj1 -DGRAPHIC -show -D__mips=3 -D_MIPS_ISA=3 -D_ABIN32=2 -D_MIPS_SIM=_ABIN32 -D_MIPS_FPSET=32 -D_MIPS_SZINT=32 -D_MIPS_SZLONG=32 -D_MIPS_SZPTR=32 -TARG:abi=n32:isa=mips3 -O0 -I/usr/include/CC -I/usr/include -FE:cmdline=/tmp/ctmL.AAAa0PEY4 -ii./ii_files/Proj1.ii -fB,/tmp/ctmB.BAAa0PEY4 /afs/umbc.edu/users/a/n/anastasi/pub/CMSC341/Proj1/Proj1.C Compiling main Compiling .anon_routine.0 Compiling __ls__7ostreamGPGR7ostream_R7ostream Compiling __dt__6StringGv CC: update_instantiation_info_file ./ii_files/Proj1.ii /usr/lib32/cmplrs/inline -PHASE:c -INLINE:dfe -TENV:PIC -m1 -g3 -show -TARG:abi=n32:isa=mips3 -O0 -fB,/tmp/ctmB.BAAa0PEY4 -fI,/tmp/ctmI.CAAa0PEY4 /afs/umbc.edu/users/a/n/anastasi/pub/CMSC341/Proj1/Proj1.C

Last Updated by Jeff, 2-19-2000