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This page contains source code for the textbook Data Structures and Problem Solving Using Java, by Mark Allen Weiss (Addison-Wesley, 1998). It is OUT OF DATE. GO TO SECOND EDITION CODE.
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Updating Visual J++ 1.1

Despite its name, Visual J++ 1.1 is not a 1.1 compiler. Here are the steps you can take to update Visual J++ 1.1:
  1. Download and then install the Microsoft SDK, 2.0.
  2. You should have two directories named bin. One is where the Java 1.1 compiler resides (perhaps it is c:\Program Files\DevStudio\SharedIDE\bin), while the other is in the SDK install (perhaps it is c:\SDK-Java.20\bin). Find these directories. (You can search for the file named jvc.exe.
  3. Copy: jvc.exe, jps.dll, and msjvc.dll from the SDK directory to the Java 1.1 directory. (You may want to save these files in a temporary subdirectory, before starting to copy over them, just in case you mess up).
  4. This will give you a 1.1 compiler, but the help will not be updated.

Complete Bundle

Note to Macintosh users: If the archive doesn't work, there is a utility to read zip files. Click here to download. Also note that .class files are not in the Mac archive above, nor is the data file Chapter14/graph2.txt.

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Code for Individual Chapters Not Found in Global Files Above

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This is the code to accompany
   Data Structures and Problem Solving Using Java
   by Mark Allen Weiss

These materials are copyrighted.

The code uses constructs found in JDK 1.1 and some of it will not compile
under JDK 1.0.2. After extracting the files, make sure to update
your CLASSPATH to include the directory in which this code was
extracted. This will allow packages (Exceptions, Supporting,
and DataStructures) to be seen.

  Code that could not be placed in either DataStructures,
  Exception, or Supporting is in a directory for its particular chapter.
  It is my intention that all text code is somewhere.

  Some data files are present (for graphs and word search puzzle).

  Most data structures have a main included for testing.
  Stacks/queues don't, but Chapter06 has TestStack and TestQueue.

  Occasionally it seems that JDK 1.1 hangs when it is done reading
  input from the terminal, if there is not a quick write to the terminal.
  Sounds like a bug in the virtual machine.

  The directories:
DataStructures --> The core data structures
Exceptions     --> Some exception classes
Supporting     --> Little supporting stuff
Documentation  --> Complete class documentation for book

All other stuff is in individual Chapter/Appendix directories.
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