Error Information for Data Structures and Problem Solving Using Java (4/e)


Here is the errata list for Data Structures and Problem Solving Using Java (4/e), by Mark Allen Weiss. Some of the errors affect the source code; updates to the code are done automatically.

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First printing

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08/29/16  005  GP   "Sun" should be replaced with "Oracle" in the footnote.
12/22/10  022  CWA  In defintion of Unicode, "principle" should be "principal".
                    Also on the same page, the last two items are not in alphabetical order.
03/17/11  042  ERC  In the first paragraph, the line numbers are all incorrect.
                    The changes are as follows: 23=>19, 26=>22, 28=>24, 36=>27,
03/10/10  147   Td  In findMax code, change "< 0" to "> 0"
01/04/11  155  CWA  On line 11, there should be comma, not a period after "was legal"
01/04/11  254  CWA  On line 16, change "is know as" to "is known as"
01/04/11  257  CWA  In Figure 6.24, lines 6 and 7 should be properly indented.
10/31/11  313   WC  In Figure 7.16, if x=n=0 and p=1, should return 0.
02/24/10  495   TT  On line 7, change Exercise 12.23 to Exercise 12.20.
02/08/10  497   EO  On line 7, replace ch with "" + ch
02/24/10  607   UH  On line 48, change ListNode to ListNode<AnyType>
12/21/10  672       Figure 18.25 and the code use "0, 1, 2" numbering, but
                    the description uses "1, 2, 3" and these should be made consistent.
06/24/13  716  GO   At the end of Section 19.5.1 add a sentence: "Note that
                    in this last case, we can simplify because the color flip
                    by itself, without the rotation, yields equivalent
                    behavior; most importantly, either way, we would still
                    need to percolate up toward the root.
02/24/13  863  SW   In Figure 22.16, replace lines 11 and 12 with "if( find( x ) == null )"
                    to fix bug related to removing from empty splay tree.
01/03/13  932  CTL  In Figure B.2 change direction of array between Component and Container


CTL  Christopher Lemay
CWA  Claude W. Anderson
ERC  Eduardo R. Castillo
EO   Elizabeth O'Neil
GO   Greg Ozbirn
GP   Gaurav Paryani
SW   Steve Wolfman
Td   Tony deLaubenfels
TT   Tu Tran
UH   Uno Holmero
WC   Weiwei Cheng

Printing History

First Printing: October 2009
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