Error Information for C++ for Java Programmers


Here is the errata list for C++ for Java Programmers, by Mark Allen Weiss. Some of the errors affect the source code; updates to the code are done automatically. I'm very backlogged on these. Please be patient for a reply. Thanks!

First printing

--------  ---  ---  ----------------------------------------------------------
01/10/05  006  RL    In Section 0.3.1 change the second occurrance of "C++" to "Java"
06/01/07  014  MK1   Change "rounds to the nearest integer" to
                            "rounds towards minus infinity or towards zero."
11/06/06  026  MH    Last paragraph, change "Because objects in Java" to
                     "Because objects in C++"
02/01/10  050  AF    The declaration for ptrptr should be int **ptrtr, not
                     int *ptrptr
02/08/06  064  MAW   Figure 4-12, line 16, make Const lower case
01/10/05  069  JS    In the "after" diagram in Figure 4.21, change "c" to "b".
10/31/11  073  JM    In Seciotn 4.8, replace all occurrences of IntCell with IntQueue
06/01/07  117  EB    2nd line, under Section 6.3.3, change "123456789" to 123456789
06/01/07  124  EB    In two places in Section 6.7, change "123456789" to 123456789
05/07/08       MK2   In two places in Section 6.7, change ->gpa() to ->getGpa()
07/14/04  132  FH is not a data, but a function member, so
               JA    instead of name it should read name() in the text and
                     in the code. Also, the value returned by name()
                     is "implementation-defined"
                     Source: ISO/IEC 14882:2003, Section 18.5.1
01/03/13  143  RV    Figure 7.7, line 33, change "array of double" to "array of Object"
09/23/10  224  AC    On line five, the comment should be "x has two rows..."


JA  Jack Applin
EB  Elizabeth Barham
AC  Austin Chamberlin
AF  Armando Fonseca
MH  Marylurdys Hernandez
FH  Fritz Hohl
MK1 Matts Kallioniemi
MK2 Michael Kebe
RL  Ruth Luscome
JM  Jase Ma
JS  Jim Skrentny
RV  Ryan Villanueva

Printing History

First Printing: November 2003
You can see which printing you have by looking at the bottom of the copyright page for a sequence of numbers. If you see
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
you have the first printing.