Wei Zeng

Assistant Professor

School of Computing and Information Sciences

Florida International University


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Office: ECS 357  Hours: F 10AM-12PM, 2-5PM

Phone: (305) 348-2019  Fax: (305) 348-3549

Mailing: 11200 SW 8th St, FIU ECS 357, Miami, FL 33199

Research InterestsGeometric Analysis and Its Applications:

  • Theories: Computational Conformal Geometry, Quasiconformal Geometry, Teichmüller Theory, Hyperbolic Geometry, Discrete Ricci Flow

  • Algorithms: Surface/Image/Volume Mapping, Registration, Shape Analysis, Matching, Tracking, Classification, and Pattern Recognition

  • Applications in Engineering and Biomedicine: Vision, Graphics, Visualization, Medical Imaging, Geometric Modeling, and Wireless Sensor Network

Education Course List

  • 2017 Spring, CAP-4710/5701: Computer Graphics (TT 2:00-3:15PM)

  • 2016 Fall, 2015 Fall, COT-4521/5520: Computational Geometry  |  COT-5407: Introduction to Algorithms

  • 2016 Spring, 2015 Spring, CAP-4710/5701: Computer Graphics |  COT-5407: Introduction to Algorithms

  • 2014 Fall, CIS-6930-U03: Advanced Special Topics in Graphics &Vision   |  CIS-4911-U01: Undergraduate Senior Project - iOS/Android Game

Research+Education ProjectsFIU Geometric Search Engine (GeomSE)   |  Virtual Colonoscopy on I-CAVE  


Group - Muhammad Razib (Ph.D. candidate, since 2013 Fall), Abdur Bin Shahid (Ph.D. student, 2014 Fall-2016 Fall), Musfiq Sazal (Ph.D. student, since 2015 Fall), Adnan Maruf (Ph.D. student, since 2016 Fall), Alain Galvan (Undergraduate student, since 2015 Spring), Earl Mccard (Undergraduate student, since 2015 spring), and a team consisting of about 15 graduate and undergraduate students on the FIU GeomSE and I-CAVE projects.

StudentsTalented graduate and undergraduate students are welcome!

Short Bio - Dr. Wei Zeng is an assistant professor of the School of Computing and Information Sciences at Florida International University. Dr. Zeng received her Ph.D. from Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2008 and had her postdoctoral training at Stony Brook University in 2010-2012. She also worked at Microsoft Research Asia and Stony Brook University during her graduate study. Her Ph.D. thesis was titled “Computational Conformal Geometry Based Shape Analysis”. She has published numerous papers in peer-reviewed journals (e.g., IEEE TPAMI, IEEE TVCG, IJCV) and conferences (e.g., ICCV, ECCV, CVPR, VIS, SPM, IPMI, MICCAI, INFOCOM, IPSN) and a book by Springer, won a Best paper award in CAD/CAM (IJCC 2009), and has two U.S. patents on virtual colonoscopy techniques.

  • [Paper] MICCAI 2015, October 5-9, Germany, "Structural Brain Mapping" (M. Razib, Z.-L. Lu, and W. Zeng)!

  • [Paper] IPMI 2015, June 28-July 13, Scotland, "Shape Classification Using Wasserstein Distance for Brain Morphometry Analysis" (Z. Su, W. Zeng, Y. Wang, Z.-L. Lu, and X. Gu)!

  • [Internal Talk] Geometric Structures and Deformations on Surfaces: From Theory to Practice. Faculty Lecture Series, FIU-SCIS, Oct 03, 2014. University of Florida (UF), Nov 05, 2014, Gainesville, FL.

  • [Invited Talk] Conformal and Quasiconformal Geometry for Medical Imaging. Computational and Molecular Biology Interest Organization (CaMBIO), FIU, Oct 01, 2014.

  • [Invited Talk] Surface Ricci Flow and Its Applications. Department of Physics, Florida Atlantic University (FAU), Sep 26, 2014, Boca Raton, FL.

  • [Paper] MICCAI 2014, September 14-18, Boston, "Colon Flattening by Landmark-Driven Optimal Quasiconformal Mapping" (W. Zeng and Y. Yang)!

  • [Paper] ECCV 2014, September 6-12, Zurich, "Surface Matching and Registration by Landmark Curve-Driven Canonical Quasiconformal Mapping" (W. Zeng and Y. Yang)!

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