The course grade will be based on five programming projects, two exams, and a final exam. For each assignment, a numeric grade will be assigned. Periodically, students will be advised of their numeric grades and the class average. At the end of the semester, number grades will be converted to letter grades.

All assignments must be submitted by the day and time indicated. Late assignments will receive no credit! Programming assignments will generally be submitted electronically by simply copying your work into a specified directory. Note that electronic submissions may be closed automatically by the clock. You may update your submission as many times as you like before the deadlines, so it is recommended that you submit something as soon as it is working, and update your submission regularly. Thus, there is no excuse for failing to submit an assignment. Exceptions will be made only for grave emergencies outlined in the duLac student handbook.

If a student believes than an error has been made in grading an item, it must be brought to the attention of the TA within seven days after the item has been returned. Factual and clerical errors will be gladly corrected. Matters of judgement are left to the TA's discretion. The student may appeal any decision to the instructor, but it is very unlikely for the instructor to over-rule the TA's decision.

Students are expected to attend all class meetings. The lectures will be based upon the course textbook, but will often include additional material that may be necessary to complete the projects or the exams. If you are absent from class, please obtain the day's notes from a classmate.

Assignment    Weight
Projects 50%
Exam I 15%
Exam II 15%
Final Exam 20%


The programming projects are to be done individually, unless otherwise noted. You must be the sole author of all code and other written material that you submit for grading. You may not read, re-use, or submit code created by others. However, you may discuss general ideas, algorithms, and problems with your classmates. Any activity that falls into the gray area between "authorship" and "discussion" should be assumed off-limits unless explicitly approved by the instructor.

The midterm and final exams are to be taken alone.

You must read, understand, and abide by the Department Honor Policy and the University Academic Code of Honor, both available on the web. At key points during the semester, the matter of appropriate collaboration will be discussed in class.

Any violation of these rules will be considered a very serious matter and will result in a referral to the University honor committee and the appropriate rector and academic advisor. Penalties may include failure of the class and suspension or expulsion from the university.