Coconut Cup






2000 MASH B.O.T.Y.

Month Category First Second Third
December 22b. Herbed and Spiced Beers Chris B. F&G Mark K.


4c. English Pale Ale Joe B. Bob B. Scott R.
February 14b. Helles Bock No Entries    
March 16c. Oatmeal Stout F&G Peter B. Scott R.
April 17. Weiss Mark K. Joe B. Joe B.
May 13b. Schwarzbier Peter B. Joe B. F&G
June 2c. Dortmunder Export F&G Peter B. Joe B.
July 7. India Pale Ale F&G Joe B. Peter B.
August 18a. Dubbel Joe B. F&G Peter B.
September 9. German Amber Lager F&G Mark K. Joe B.
October 15b. Brown Porter Joe B. F&G Joe B.
November 24. Historical tie: Mark K. and Scott R.    

Final Standings

  1. Joe B. (15 Coconut Cup, 5 Florida State Fair) — 48
  2. F&G (5 Coconut Cup) — 35
  3. Peter B. (10 Coconut Cup, 10 Hurricane Blowoff) — 33
  4. Mark K. — 13
  5. Scott R. — 6
  6. (tie) Chris B., Darryl H.(5 Coconut Cup) — 5
  7. Bob B. — 3

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