Ning Xie's Online Publications

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    A new coding-based algorithm for finding closest pair of vectors.
    Theoretical Computer Science, to appear (Preliminary version in CSR 2018, pp. 321-333).

  2. Mahdi Cheraghchi, Elena Grigorescu, Brendan Juba, Karl Wimmer, Ning Xie
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    Sunflowers and testing triangle-freeness of functions.
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  6. Elena Grigorescu, Karl Wimmer, Ning Xie
    Tight lower bounds for testing linear isomorphism.
    RANDOM 2013, pp. 559-574.

  7. Testing k-wise Independent Distributions.
    PhD thesis.

  8. Yishay Mansour, Aviad Rubinstein, Shai Vardi, Ning Xie
    Converting online algorithms to local computation algorithms.
    ICALP 2012, pp. 653-664.
    [Pdf]; arXiv

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    Space-efficient local computation algorithms.
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    [Pdf]; arXiv

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  11. Ronitt Rubinfeld, Gil Tamir, Shai Vardi, Ning Xie
    Fast local computation algorithms.
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    [Pdf]; arXiv

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    Property testing via set-theoretic operations.
    ICS 2011, pp. 211-222.

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    Lower bounds for testing triangle-freeness in Boolean functions.
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  14. Ronitt Rubinfeld, Ning Xie
    Robust characterizations of k-wise independence over product spaces and related testing results.
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    (Preliminary version, titled "Testing non-uniform k-wise independent distributions over product spaces", in ICALP 2010, pp. 565-581).

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