Eric at work

Eric works for the school of Computer Science at Florida International University. Eric is the Unix and network administrator. He leads the systems group in installing unix (solaris, and Linux flavors are currently supported) and Windows workstations and servers. Eric has designed and implemented the 10Gig, Gigabit, Fast Ethernet, and ATM based networks in the department.

See the SCS support page for more about the departments systems.

Lots of useful SCS and FIU UTS information is available here

Eric was also the lead implementation engineer for the AMPATH network which connects research and education networks in South and Central America to the High performance networks in the United States (Abilene, Starlight). He continues to be very interested in HPC networking and inovations in data communications.

Eric teaches! Eric developed and still teaches a two course sequence in Applied Computer Networking for the IT program. CGS-4285 and CNT-4504 (Intro to Applied Computer Networking and Advanced Applied Computer Networking.)

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