Eric is a Commercial Pilot, Airplane Single Engine Land, with an Instrument Airplane rating. He learned to fly at Gainesville Regional Airport.

Eric is a member of the Alman Inc Bonanza Flying Club which owns 2 Beechcraft Bonanzas. A 1992 BE33 (N484D) and a 1979 A36 (N567EB).

Eric was 1/3 owner of a Cessna 182 for nearly 10 years. Yankee Hotel was destroyed as hurricane Katrina came by Miami-Dade county.

Eric and his wife Caroline have become fairly decent Skiers over the last few years and try to do at least one ski trip a year. More if possible.

Eric was also quite fond of sailing. He was owner of a a Catalina 27 sailboat that was docked down in Manatee Bay marina in Key Largo from 2003 to 2006.

Eric was a home-brewer. At one point in time he was President of Miami Area Society of Homebrewers (MASH)

Eric also enjoys scuba diving, and is open water certified.

Eric was also a skydiver. D-13976. Eric began skydiving in 1990 and he accumulated over 1700 freefall skydives. He is a FAA rated Senior Parachute Rigger and was a USPA rated skydiving Instructor for Static line, AFF, and Tandem training methods. Eric let all the ratings lapse in 1997 and currently doesn't jump to often. In the past Eric had been on staff at the Palatka Paracenter, Palatka Fl., Williston Fl., the School of Human Flight, Quincy Fl, and Air Adventures in Clewiston.

Eric maintains a couple of other skydiving related pages.

Eric's Skydiving Pic's -
Eric's Skydiving Movies's -
Some of the wise words of Pat Works (including the online United we Fall book)

Eric used to really be into Martial Arts, specifically Cuong Nhu and Tai Chi. Eric has not done much kata lately though.

Exercise is now mostly accomplished via a lunchtime swim at Tamiami pool.

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