Eric Johnson's Skydiving Movies

These are some MPEGs made from my personal tapes.

Upside down CRW (1.7M) - This started out as a normal intentional cutaway. Jay is wearing a tersh. He asked me to video it. Jay swung his feet up into his main risers before he chopped it, and then hung from his main upside down. The CRW part was kinda impromptu, but how could I resist. ;) Click here for 12.0M full length version of the dive.

Mr. Bill dive (800K) - Boo-boo and Jay do a Mr Bill. Boo-boo is the pilot, Jay is the passenger. After getting open Jay has Boo-boo hold him by the legs and then let him go (1.5M). Maybe thats where Jay got the idea for the cutaway...

And here is a video's of QBD. This was the 4way team I was on that went to Nationals in 1993. This is a practice drill dive. Accordian to opposed stairstep (3.5M)

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