Giri Narasimhan

Distinguished University Professor, FIU;
Ryder Endowed Professor & 2023 Top Scholar
Google Cloud Research Innovator, 2024; (Blog)
Director, UKG Academy for CS Education
Coach, FIU Programming Team
Coordinator, MS in Data Science and AI
Knight Foundation School of Computing & Information Sciences
Florida International University
11200 SW 8th Street, CASE 254B,
Miami, FL 33199-0001.
Ph: (305) 348-3748; Lab: (305) 348-6250
Fax: (305) 348-3549;
Email: ;


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Algorithms for Machine Learning and Data Analytics, (AMaDAys)


  • CAP 5768: Intro to Data Science F18, F19, F20, F21
  • COP 4534: Algorithmic Techniques F21
  • CAP 2752: Foundations of Data Science
  • COT 6405: Analysis of Algorithms F19
  • COT 5407: Intro to Algorithms S19, S17, F08
  • IDC 6940: Capstone in Data Science Su20, S20, F19, F18
  • CAP 5510/CGS 5166: Bioinformatics F18, S15, S13, S11, S08, S07, S06, S05, F03
  • COP 3530 Data Structures F16, S04
  • COT 6936: Topics in Algorithms S14, S12
  • BSC 4934: Q'BIC Capstone Su11, Su10
  • COP 4516: Competitive Programming & Problem Solving

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In Memoriam
Melita Jaric, Ph.D. student, passed away on March 11, 2013.
A bright, promising life was snuffed out in a careless hit-and-run accident.
For more details, click here
Memorial Service Video: click here
Melita Jaric Memorial Travel Award: To donate click here
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I am convinced that everything that is worth while in the world has been accomplished by the free, inquiring, critical spirit... But the men of ritual and the men of barbarism are capable of shutting up the men of science and of silencing them forever." — Sinclair Lewis, from It Can't Happen Here

A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering on a cold iron... Horace Mann
A teacher is a facilitator of learning, a curator of content, and most of all, a motivator of learning... D. B. Phatak
Teacher vs Guru

Edited Volume
Bionformatics Research and Applications
Zhipeng Cai, Ion Mandoiu, Giri Narasimhan, Pavel Skums, and Xuan Guo
LNCS/LNBI Vol. 12304, Springer Verlag, 2020.
[ISBN: 978-3-030-57820-6] and [ISBN: 978-3-030-57821-3](eBook)
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-57821-3
Edited Volume
Computational Advances in Bio and Medical Sciences
Ion Mandoiu, T. M. Murali, Giri Narasimhan, Sanguthevar Rajasekaran, Pavel Skums, and Alexander Zelikovsky
LNCS/LNBI Vol. 12029, Springer Verlag, 2019.
[ISBN: 978-3-030-46164-5] and [ISBN: 978-3-030-46165-2] (eBook)
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-46165-2
Edited Volume
Bionformatics Research and Applications
Ion Mandoiu, Giri Narasimhan and Yanqing Zhang
Vol. 5542, Springer Verlag, 2009.
[ISBN: 978-3-642-01550-2]
Research Monograph
Geometric Spanner Networks
Giri Narasimhan and Michiel Smid
560 Pages, January 2007
Cambridge University Press. [ISBN: 0521815134]
Also available in eBook format.
Slides by M. Farshi from course based on book: Spring 2014.
Edited volume
Advances In Bioinformatics And Its Applications
Eds: M. He, Giri Narasimhan, S. Petoukhov
Series in Mathematical Biology and Medicine
Vol. 8, 632 Pages, May 2005
World Scientific Press. [ISBN: 981-256-148-X]

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