General Information

Connecting to the modem pool

There is a new modem pool of 96 modems that supports up to 28.8. The login procedure is different than the old way. At the Login, enter your username followed by .telnet, and for the password use your Unix password:

   Login: username.telnet
   Password: your Unix password
   Host: SOLIX

For instance if your username is jqwert99 and yout Unix password is 123456

   Login: jqwert99.telnet
   Password: 123456
   Host: SOLIX

then you will be connected to SOLIX. The responses are case sensitive.

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Connecting from Broward

If you call from Broward, you must access the FIRN system. The number is


after connecting, type A and then a couple of ENTERS. When it asks for a password, enter MENU. Choose 1 for SERVAX. This will get you to the LOCAL> prompt.

However, now that you can call for only a quarter, you can also just use the normal number.

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Line settings

Set up the line as


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Using Terminal or Hyperterminal in Windows

If you are using the WINDOWS TERMINAL utility (HYPERTERMINAL in Win95), you should set up several things under the SETTINGS MENU:

	Terminal Emulation: 	VT100
	Terminal Preferences: 	DO NOT use the function keys for WINDOWS 
			               		(uncheck the box)
			      	NO Local Echo
	Communications: 	No Parity
				8 bits
				1 stop bit
	Phone Numbers: 		305-348-3282

Save these settings so you can use them again.

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Accessing the WWW from home through FIU

It is possible to connect to the WWW in two fashions: host-based and direct connection. The host-based connection only allows you to see text, whereas a direct connection allows you to see graphics and to hear sounds.

Host-Based Connection

In order to establish a host-based access to the WWW, connect through a normal communications package (Terminal, Hyperterminal, Procomm, Telix, ...) to solix.

   Login: username.telnet
   Password: your Unix password
   Host: SOLIX

For instance if your username is jqwert99 and yout Unix password is 123456

   Login: jqwert99.telnet
   Password: 123456
   Host: SOLIX
Once there, type the command lynx.

Direct Connection

There are two ways to establish a direct connection, depending on what type of an account you have at the school. If you only have a normal student account, then it is possible to emulate a SLIP connection through solix. If you have a PPP account, then you have a direct connection to the WWW.

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School Accounts

Getting a school account

As long as you are a registered student, you can have an account to use the school's computers. This account is not needed to use the PCs in the computer labs, but it is needed to long onto the computers with names: solix. The account that you get will give you access to all of these computers.

To get the account, you must connect to the solix computer. When you are prompted with login, type the single word (no spaces) unixshell. You will then be asked some information like name and student number. Then you will be given a user name and a password. Write them down! Then you will be logged off the computer. You won't be able to access the computers for another 24 hours, while your account is being activated.

You may get more information about UnixShell from

In the future, you will use your user name and password to log onto any of the named computers.

Changing Passwords

Once you have a school account, it is good for many computers here at FIU: solix.

Changing your password on solix

From the command prompt on serss1 and solix, issue the command


in order to change your password. You will be asked for three things:

Have you forgotten your userid or password?

If you have forgotten your password, then type in the username
at the user name prompt when you first connect to solix.

If you have forgotten your user name, then go to this website

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Logging onto solix at school

From the Windows 95 Start button at school, look for Connecting to Hosts, and select solix.

Then enter your username and password when prompted.

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