COP 4225 Fall 2004
Advanced Unix Programming

PC 211, Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:30 - 13:45


Professor: Chi Zhang
Email: czhang AT cs dot fiu dot edu
Phone: 305-348-3751
Office Hours: Wednesday 9:30 - 11:30 a.m., or by appointment.

Unix for the Impatient by Paul W. Abrahams and Bruce R. Larson, Second Edition, Addison Wesley 1997 (ISBN: 0-201-82376-4).
Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment by W. Richard Stevens, Addison Wesley 1993 (ISBN: 0-201-56317-7).

Tentative Syllabus

Course Preparation
The first half of this course mainly covers Shell programming, while the second half deals with Unix system calls. The concept of operating system (especially processes and file systems) is a prerequisite. Furthermore, since this is an advanced Unix course, the basic knowledge of C and Unix commands is not only helpful but also necessary. C and basic Unix commands will be touched upon only briefly in the class, and you are encouraged to learn C and basic Unix by yourself after class. 

Reminder on emails, projects and exams 

Projects:  Project 1  Project 2  Project 3  Project 4

Midterm: Thur. Oct. 28 2004. Open Book.

Final: Tue. Dec. 14 2004. Open Book.

The classes on 11/30 and 12/02 have been canceled. Please read the program 4.7 (ftw4.c) of our textbook. The deadline for project 4 will be extended to Dec. 14.

Slides: Operating System Review
Process and Thread
File Systems

Source code for all examples in the textbook Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment.