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University Instructor
Florida International University

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UNIX Editors, mail system, printing files, .cshrc
CNT-4713 Net-centric Computing
COP-4226 Advanced Windows Programming
CGS-4854 Website Construction and Management
COP-4555 Principles of Programming Languages
CDA-4101 Structured Computer Organization
CGS-3767 Computer Operating Systems
COP-2250 Programming in Java
COP-2210 Programming I
COP-3402 Fundamentals of Computer Systems
CGS-3559 Introduction to the Internet
CGS-3092 Ethics in Computer Science
CGS-2423 C for Engineers
COP-3175 Visual Basic
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Tim Downey's official page The home page for Tim Downey from the School of Computer Science
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 CGS4854 Page  COP4226 Page
 CGS3767 Page  Yoga Pose

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