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MASH B.O.T.Y. — 2011

All MASH members are eligible to compete in MASH's Brewer of the Year (B.O.T.Y.) competition. At each month's meeting, a specific style of beer will be judged. Members collect B.O.T.Y. points for finishing first, second, or third in this monthly competition and for receiving awards in BJCP-sanctioned external competitions.

Points Awarded for MASH BOTY competitions are currently:

Points Awarded for external competitions are currently:

Winners of each monthly B.O.T.Y. competition must submit their recipes for publication on this site to receive their points.

B.O.T.Y runs from December to November of each year. MASH awards for B.O.T.Y are given out at the winter solsitice party.

Click on the brewer's name in the table below to see the winning recipe.

Month Category First Second Third
December Open Best of Show TIE: Jon B.(Eng. Spc. Bitter) and Josh K. (Belgian Dubbel) Scott & Denise (Saison) TIE: Jon B.(Cali Common) and Scott & Denise (Strawberry Melomel)
January 13.Stout Josh K. Jon B.
February 19. Strong Ale Scott & Denise Berryman, Graham, & Gibson
March Black APA/IPA/IIPA Scott & Denise Josh K. Eric J.
April 6.d. American Wheat (excluding Rye) Scott & Denise David & Bob Colin
May Rye Ale (must be at least 25% Rye) Scott & Denise David & Bob
June Session Beer (must be under 5% ABV) David & Bob Jon B.
July 20. Fruit Beer Jon B. (Raspberry American Wheat) David & Bob (Pomegranate Blackberry American Lager) TIE: Jon B. (Lychee Dark American Lager) and Michael T. (Kiwi beer)
August Mead S&D G. (Cherry & Raspberry Melomel) S&D G. (Traditional Dry)
September 16. Belgian and French Ale and 18. Belgian Strong Ale TIE: S&D G. (Saison) and Patrick W. (Belgian Specialty) Michael T. (Blond Ale)
October 27. & 28. Cider TIE: Jon (Common Cider) and Michael T. (Fruit Cider) Jon (Perry) Dave K. (Specialty)
November Chocolate / Cocoa Flavored Beer David & Bob (Dry Stout with Chocolate) Jon (Brown Porter with Chocolate) Jon (American Brown with Chocolate)

2011 Final BotY Standings

  1. Jon B. — 58 points (40 points BotY, 11 points Coconut Cup, 6 points Hurricane Blowoff, 1 entry)
  2. Scott & Denise G. — 51 points (41 points BotY, 10 points Coconut Cup)
  3. David & Bob — 49 points (25 points BotY, 6 points Coconut Cup, 5 points Hurricane Blowoff, 8 points Hogtown Brewoff, 4 points First Coast, 1 entry)
  4. Josh K. — 23 points (14 points BotY, 4 points Coconut Cup, 4 points BFBC, 1 entry)
  5. Michael T. — 12 points (12 points BotY)
  6. Darryl H. — 7 points (7 points Coconut Cup)
  7. Patrick W. — 5 points (5 points BotY)
  8. Chris B. — 4 points (4 points Coconut Cup)
    B., G, & G. — 4 points (4 points Coconut Cup)
    Colin K. — 4 points (1 entry)
  9. Bob B. — 3 points (3 points Coconut Cup)
    Eric J. — 3 points (3 points BotY)
  10. Lance — 2 points (2 entries)
  11. Rick N. — 1 point (1 entry)

Past B.O.T.Y. winners

1996 Scott Ross
1997 Scott Ross
1998 Mark Swenson
1999 F&G (Bob Fischer & Scott Graham)
2000 Joe Berryman
2001 Peter Buschbaum
2002 Denise and Scott Graham
2003 Denise and Scott Graham
2004 Patrick Gibson
2005 Darryl Hickey
2006 Russell Everett
2007 Russell Everett
2008 Denise and Scott Graham
2009 Darryl Hickey
2010 Josh Kritzer

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