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Mo Sha

Associate Professor
Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences
Florida International University

Office: CASE 382
Email: msha AT
Phone: (305)348-1717 

Mailing Address:
11200 SW 8th St, CASE 382, Miami, FL 33199


Xia Cheng
PhD candidate: Since Spring 2018, M
S: Tsinghua University
     Research Topic: Industrial IoT and Wireless Security


Junyang Shi (PhD, 2021, Binghamton University from Spring 2017 to Spring 2021): Bloomberg

Di Mu (PhD, 2021, Binghamton University from Spring 2016 to Summer 2021): Rice University

Xingjian Chen (MS, 2019): Microsoft

Yitian Chen (MS, 2019; BS, 2018): Scaleflux

Vinen Vivian Furtado (MS, 2019): Vanguard

Fang Li (MS, 2018): LivePerson

Stephen Molaro (MS, 2018): Boeing

Lu Lu (MS, 2017): Exabeam

Yunpeng Ge (MS, 2017): Ant Financial

Bin Wang (MS, 2017): Beijing RICH AI Technology

Yanchen Guo (BS, 2019): Pursuing MS at Binghamton University

Chengyan Liu (BS, 2019): Pursuing MS at Binghamton University

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lab2019spring   Spring 2019 Lab gathering

lab2018summer   Fall 2018 BBQ@Nathaniel Cole Park

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