This table will be filled up with information on reading assignments, topics, and other relevant notes (such as upcoming deadlines, etc.) as we go along. Please check frequently! The 'Reading' column indicates papers we will discuss in class and should be read. This is a tentative list and will change throughout the course of the semester.





August 28 Introduction and course overview Slides, Weiser paper
August 30 Time, Clocks, Clock Synchronization Slides  
September 4 Reference model Slides  
September 6 Real-Time Scheduling Slides  
September 11 Real-Time Scheduling Slides 1st Homework and 1st Programming Assignment
September 13 Real-Time Scheduling   Project Discussion
September 18 Resource Access Control Slides 1st Homework Due
September 20 Real-Time Communication Slides  
September 25 Real-Time Communication Slides 2nd Homework available and 1st Programming Assignment Due
September 27 Real-Time Communication Slides  
October 2 Real-Time Operating Systems Slides One-page project proposal due, 2nd homework due
October 4 Real-Time Operating Systems Slides 2nd Programming Assignment
October 9 Fault-Tolerant Systems Slides  
October 11 Fault-Tolerant Systems    
October 16 Real-Time Sensor Networks SPEED paper, RAP paper Two-page project proposal due
October 18 Energy-Aware Real-Time Systems Inter-task DVS paper, Intra-task DVS paper 3rd Homework available
October 23     Mid-semester break
October 25     Mid-semester break
October 30 A Real-time Computer Vision System for Measuring Traffic Parameters (Alex) Paper1  
November 1 An Optimal Real-Time Scheduling Algorithm for Multiprocessors (Andrew)
Energy-Aware Scheduling for Real-Time Multiprocessor Systems with Uncertain Task Execution Time (Instructor)
Paper1, Paper2 2nd Programming Assignment Due
November 6 Robust Algorithm for Real-Time Route Planning (Ryan)
Overload Traffic Management for Sensor Networks (Peter)
Paper1, Paper2  
November 8 Run-Time Services for Hybrid CPU/FPGA Systems on Chip (Aaron)
Real-Time Operating Systems (Alex)
Paper1, Paper2  
November 13 The Evolution of Real-Time Linux (Andrew)
A Firm Real-Time Implementation Using Commercial Off-The-Shelf Hardware and Free Software (Instructor)
Paper1, Paper2  
November 15 A Performance and Schedulability Analysis of an Autonomous Mobile Robot (Dan F.),
Managing Contention and Timing Constraints in a Real-Time Database System (Dan D.)
Paper1, Paper2  
November 20 The Embedded Machine: Predictable, Portable Real-Time Code (Peter),
Developing Real-Time Multi-Agent Systems (Aaron)
Paper1, Paper2 Project progress report due
November 22     Thanksgiving
November 27 Real-Time Coordination of Autonomous Vehicles (Ryan) Paper1  
November 29 Techniques for Enhancing Real-time CORBA Quality of Service (Dan D.),
A Rate-Monotonic Scheduler for the Real-time Control of Autonomous Robots (Dan F.)
Paper1, Paper2  
December 4 Project Presentations (Ryan/Aaron, Dan F., Alex/William)    
December 6 Project Presentations (Dan D., Peter, Andrew)    
December 11 Review    
December 18     Project submission deadline (midnight)
December 19     Optional: meeting with instructor to discuss or demonstrate project (arrange time with instructor)